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Challenge Learning Environment

 St. Joseph’s Curriculum Benchmarks in English, reading, math and science are aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards, Common Core State Standards, ACT's College Readiness Standards, and the Next Generation Science Standards. These Benchmarks are rigorous standards used by teachers in our schools to align curriculum, instruction and assessments to prepare students with the skills to be successful for their next level of work. Additionally, our curriculum includes Computer Technology courses, cultural education focused in our student heritage, and a Physical Education and Athletics program tailored to promote a healthy lifestyle. For more detailed information regarding Archdiocese Curriculum Benchmarks, please click here.

Our Early Education Programs are the beginning of your child's journey toward becoming a lifelong learner. In preschool,your child is nurtured spiritually, emotionally, and socially in preparation for rigorous curriculum that begins in Kindergarten.  

St. Joseph School has introduced a Challenge Learning Environment.  It develops and refines student interpersonal skills across all grade levels.  Teachers create learning experiences that place their students in problem-solving situations. The students are then encouraged to apply their knowledge and skills.  To support this initiative, team-building rooms have been created within our junior high wing to create a more collaborative environment. Students also set personal goals and evaluate their individual progress on a regular basis. When your child completes Middle School, he or she will have received four to five years of individualized and consistent instruction from teachers who master in core subject matter.  Still wondering if St. Joseph is right for your child?  Click Here