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Mission, Vision & Philosophy

Mission Statement

St. Joseph Catholic School, as part of St. Joseph Parish in the Archdiocese of Chicago, will spread the Good News. The mission of St. Joseph School is to prepare all students for success by offering a quality education within a family centered community; consisting of a solid foundation in the Catholic faith, a challenging academic curriculum, opportunities to develop leadership skills and character building through the teaching of moral values. St. Joseph School’s pastor, parish, principal, faculty, staff, families and students will support this mission. 

School Vision

To be the best school in the world by delivering the highest quality educational experience, where Catholic global citizens are born in a passionate and welcoming environment that includes advanced rigor, engaging learning experiences, high energy, creativity, faith, discipline, manners, and respect.

Philosophy Statement

We believe, that as a Catholic school, our task is to provide appropriate learning experiences which will help each individual child to achieve his or her maximum intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and moral growth and development.  We are called to convey the message of Jesus, we also have the task of helping our children grow and develop spiritually in friendship with God.  We recognize that the parents are the primary educators of our students and we join with them as a school family united in our task. We recognize the uniqueness of each of our students and our one desire that each child make the most of his or her abilities, gifts or talents. We seek to communicate Gospel values and our tradition in that we may foster to learn it. We believe that the successful performance of our task will lead each child to competent membership in our community and world. More importantly, it will lead them to active participation in our parish and church, which is rooted in faith and love of God.